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Eric M. Wohlwend,

Getting Started:  Eric M. Wohlwend started his first business when he was 11 years old.  After running half a dozen break even businesses he realized that there was a secret that he didn’t know.  He was working too hard and making too little.  After learning to use some basic universal laws to his benefit his life changed virtually over night.  While applying principles from The Secret, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and many of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books he continues to learn and grow in his life and applies these lessons to his multiple new businesses.  Eric chose to live on a mattress in a broken down warehouse rather than give up on his dream.  He used that time to learn & grow personally.  Next he focused on learning to systemize a business.  After learning and applying these principles in his own life, he started investing.  In his first 2 years of investing he became financially free at the age of 30.  

Eric has been a full-time Real Estate Investor since 2003.  He received both the Ohio and the National Professional Housing Provider certification in 2006.  He has been a Real Estate Agent since 2010.  He has repositioned more than 1000 multi-family residential units.  He is IREM CPM trained & has a Bachelors of Science from Kent State University.  

In the last two decades Eric has used millions of dollars of private money to finance hundreds of multi-family units, single-family homes, about a dozen storefronts, a few mobile home parks, a storage facility and part of an airport.  He specializes in finding deals that are “On Sale”, then buying and managing his managers.  Eric’s ability to find deals in creative ways and then fund them through alternative funding sources has led to a huge expansion during the crash of 2007-2009.  When banks stopped lending money to small investors, he developed a network of over 50 private lenders to finance new deals.  He currently controls millions of dollars of real estate.  He has owned everything from  Houses to Airports and Vending machines.  He still has single family and multi-family residential properties as well as commercial real estate.

His Training:  He has mentored and taught students from many states and countries on 3 continents, with ages ranging from 7 to over 70.  He is an international speaker that has been in front of thousands of students from all over the world.  He has written articles for various investment newsletters.  He is the past president of the Alliance Property Owners and has bee on the board of multiple REIA’s (Real Estate Investment Associations)  Eric has written multiple articles in various Real Estate Investment newsletters.  Eric was published in Business Innovators Magazine and is a #1 Best Selling Author. 

He is president and CEO of Clear Sky Properties, Inc. He also is a managing member of various other real estate holding companies, Clear Sky Training, Ltd and other companies.  He runs an independent Cash Flow Club.  Every Wednesday he dedicates to helping others.  He starts by chairing a free breakfast for anyone interested in investing or running a business.  This is followed by giving time and guidance to up and coming entrepreneurs. Then he ends the day with an investor dinner.

Eric has helped many people, with limited money and credit, start investing in Real Estate, Precious Metals and Crypto Currency.  Using what he teaches, both of his kids started buying real estate when they were seven years old.  They did this without his money or credit.

In his free time, he is a pilot, skydiver, SCUBA diver and a life member of the VFW and the NRA…

Eric can be found around the world Training for Clear Sky Training, Ltd.  Almost always accompanied by his family, he teaches about investing in Real Estate, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrency, Private Lending and many other related subjects.

Deven 2022Deven J. Wohlwend, OPHP

From the time he was born, Deven has been going to investment meetings.  He developed an interest in investing at a very early age.  He found a way to invest in what he knew when he was only 5 years old. By the time he was 7, he started a company and started purchasing real estate.  He purchased his first house using only his knowledge, creativity and a little bit of money that he had earned at his part-time job.  By the time he was 10 years old, he attained his Ohio Professional Housing Provider Certification (O.P.H.P.).  This made him the youngest person to ever attain this certification. He started investing in single family homes.  Then, he rapidly moved on to a small, multi-family (duplex.)  Within 3 years, he had bought 20% of a 60-unit complex. He is constantly growing his real estate team and acquiring more assets.  At 11 years old, he published his first book about his successes and setbacks: If I Can Do It, So Can You.  You can get more information or order a book from Amazon or at  www.IfICanSoCanYouBook.com.  Within a few months he was interviewed by Larry Goins on his first Podcast.  At 12 he started speaking and has been on stages in more than half a dozen states.  He just finished coauthoring a book with Mark Victor Hansen called The Garage.  You can order a Paperback, hardback or Kindle version today on Amazon.  Look for him at a business or real estate conference near you.

Deven is an assistant trainer for Clear Sky Training, Ltd. and currently scheduling stops for a book tour.  

Deven receives his OPHP-2017

Ethan 2022

Ethan Graduated with his Ohio Professional Housing Providers certification in November 2019 at just 9 years old!  That made him the youngest graduate ever, and one of only 2 minors to ever graduate.  His company owns 38 units at this time and is constantly growing.  He started investing at 5 years old and has been buying real estate since he was 7.    He is currently 12 years old and in 8th grade.  He currently invests in real estate, gold, and crypto-currencies.

Ethan also likes to ride ATV’s on the family farm, spend time with his family, and fly airplanes… but his dad has to land because he can’t see over the dashboard or reach the pedals.  He just recently started public speaking because as he says:   “I’m buying too many properties to stop & Speak.”  I’ll see you at the next REIA meeting.  Ethan is also writing his first book… The Treehouse.  Details to follow…

Ethan is VERY Happy when he earns his Professional Housing Provider certification at 9 years old. The youngest graduate in history!

Lila J. Wohwlend, OPHP, NaPHP

Lila J Wohlwend has been a Real Estate Investor since 2003.  She received both the Ohio and the National Professional Housing Provider certification in 2006.  She has a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University.  She is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Senior Property Manager who has her Apartment Management Specialist designation.  She has 17 years of property management experience.  

When she is not working with real estate, she home schools her two children and enjoys archery, gardening, and camping.  She volunteers with local real estate investor groups and the Boy Scouts to help teach others what she knows.  She is a best-selling author and is working on her 2nd book.

Lila speaks on how to Manage the Real Estate once you own it. She teaches Delegation, Systematization & Automation and how to hire a good manager.  After Managing almost a thousand rentals and having offices in both Canton Ohio and Columbus Ohio, Lila has a unique perspective on how to get good tenants to stay longer, be happier and also to pay rent on time.

If you would like more information about Lila or on her company’s services you can visit www.ClearSkyRealty.com  You can also see some of our properties and a short video about how we started on our You Tube Channel: Clear Sky Realty.

Lila J. Wohlwend
CEO of Clear Sky Realty, Inc.



May 2023