The Power Family Speaks Again!

The whole family teaches Creativity and Outside the Box Thinking so you can buy more assets faster in any market.  All of are trainers are certified Ohio Professional Housing Providers.  We teach a variety of investment classes.  We are all experienced investors with real life knowledge and experience across multiple asset classes.
-We teach how to find & buy real estate for cash flow or growth.
-We teach about the true value to the blockchain (Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin…).  If you think it is just a fad wait for a couple years!
-We talk about the insurance value of Gold and Silver.
-We discuss paper assets like notes & mortgages on real estate and even a few stocks.  Mainly Cannabis and mining stocks.
-We teach how to start a business & run it more profitably.
-And once you make the money we can show you how to invest it in tax free account to grow your wealth and never have to pay taxes!

All of our speakers teach what they know.  They only know what they have actually done.  All 4 are OPHP certified, 3 are published authors, 2 are national speakers & one is an international speaker.  Email us today if you would like to book a presentation on any of these investing topics.

Deven J. Wohlwend,OPHP
Investor, Author, Speaker

Deven bought his first property at age 7 without a bank.  He used only his knowledge, creativity & a little money he earned at his part-time job.  Deven focuses on using Creativity and Action to buy real estate even when you do not have money or credit.  He graduated with his Ohio Professional Housing Provider  certification at age 10.  When he was 11 he published his first book about his first few deals & how you can buy real estate using other people’s money & credit.  “If I Can Do It So Can You, How I Started Buying Real Estate at Age 7.” Now, at 12, he is a student at Kent State University and has spoken to multiple audiences about investing & about his book in 4 states so far this year.  He is also investing in Cryptocurrency, Gold, Silver & notes.  He talks about these things & how to grow your IRA tax free with Real Estate.

Ethan Graduates as an Ohio Professional Housing Provider in 2019.

Ethan partnered with his brother at a very early age to make his first small investment.  Within 4 years he Graduated with his Ohio Professional Housing Providers certification in November 2019 at just 9 years old!  This make him the youngest graduate ever.  His company owns close to 30 units at this time.  He also invests in multiple cryptocurrencies.  He started buying real estate when he was 7 years old.  Yes a minor CAN own a company that owns real estate.  If you think you have trouble getting money or credit to buy real estate try being a minor!  He can answer your questions & tell you how he found private lenders to finance his real estate purchases.

Delegation, Systems & Automation by Lila. If you want to grow, you have to have Systems!

Lila focuses on how to manage the Real Estate once you own it.  She teaches Delegation, Systematization & Automation and how to hire a good manager.  She also invests in notes, real estate, cryptocurrency…  It doesn’t matter what, or how much you buy, if you don’t manage it correctly it will take all your time and waste your money.  Learn better management systems to take your time back!  Too many people look forward to quitting their job and starting a business.  Then the end up buying another job in a company they own.  Separate yourself from the everyday business with Systems.

Buy More Faster!

Eric will teach you how to find the private lenders and owner financing you need to keep buying more Real Estate and other Hard Assets.  He loves IRA investing to pay less in taxes.  He also teaches about Investing in sustainable streams of passive income so you can retire early.  He talks about moving money  from one asset class to another and always having negatively correlated assets (when one goes down, the other goes up.)  He speculates in and teaches about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium…) and the insurance value of both Gold & Silver.  His motto is: #buymorefaster!

We are scheduling trainings for 2020.

We have more updates on Instagram & Facebook.  Take the links above.

Weekly Meet-ups:

Every Wednesday (that we are in town) 8:30am at the Athen’s in Canton, OH meet us for the SCREIA “Unemployable” Breakfast.  816 Harrison Ave SW, Canton, OH 44706

Every Wednesday night (Again when we are in town) meet us for the Bigger Pocket’s Meet-up The “Winner’s Dinner” 6pm at El Campero in Canton South’s Southgate plaza. 3021 Cleveland Ave S, Canton, OH 44707

Upcoming Trainings & Events:

The power Family Speaks again!  The whole family teaches Creativity and Outside the Box Thinking so you can buy more assets faster in any market.

His official book launch will be in Toronto, ON, Canada-Date TBD-Postponed again due to so many other bookings.

Dayton REIA-Date TBD-Spring 2020

ACRE of Pittsburg– TBD Possibly June 2020-Lila will talk about Delegation, Systematization & Automation of Management after you buy. She will take Taylor’s questions…and everyone else’s if he runs out. -Other Speakers TBD.

Eric & Deven are presenting at Educating for Success in the fall 2020.

Most Wednesdays both Eric & Deven are at the Stark County REIA breakfast at the Athens in Canton Ohio.  They then go to the “Winners Dinner”, a Bigger Pockets Meet-up most Wednesday evenings.  We hope to see you there!

We will have a bus trip to evaluate deals on single family homes in Stark/Summit county Ohio (Akron/Canton) in the summer.

Other speaking engagements and book signings are being scheduled at various REAI’s in Ohio for 2020.

We are working on trainings in Florida & possibly Texas in 2020.
We may also have a class in eastern Canada…TBD 2020.

If you are scheduling for a REIA or other investment group contact Lila at 330-455-4663 to find out when Eric or Deven is available to speak at your group.

Eric is also a BSA Merit Badge counselor.  For a current list of what he is teaching, or to set up a class for your troop call 330-455-4663.

Congratulations Deven for hitting #97 in your category on Amazon with you 1st Book! “If I Can Do It So Can You, How I Started Buying Real Estate at Age 7.”  and for recording you 1st podcast with Larry Goins in February 2019.


Deven has been interviewed by Larry Goins on his Podcast: Brain Pick a Pro; Larry Goins & Real Estate Investing Rock Stars in February 2019.  He is on Episode #069.

Eric was on the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show Episode #24.  Eric Wohlwend on Serving our Country and Building an Empire.

Past Events:

Cincinnati and Columbus REIA-COREE Subgroup on Tax Free Investing: February 10th 2020, 7:30pm Eric presents on Family Investing in Tax Deferred Accounts

It was great to meet all of our new friends in Cabo with Mr. Landlord January 2020.  See you next year in Cancun.

Wealth Building Workshop-Hosted By Equity Trust Company-Join Eric & Deven & learn how to grow your wealth TAX FREE!

Lake Eris Landlord Association– November 5th at 7pm, Deven spoke on getting started in Real Estate, Eric- buying without banks & Lila on Delegation, Systematization & Automation of management after you buy.

ACREIA & MVREIA Rehab Workshop 17August 2019

Akron Canton REIA– 14 August 2019 6:30 to 9:00pm

We were in Alabama on August 7th-10th at Rhea Perry’s Educating for Success event.

July 8th at 5:30pm Deven spoke about his book & had a book signing at Mahoning Valley REIA.

June 8th at 9am, Bartholomew County Landlord Association Indiana. Deven and Eric both spoke in the morning.

On June 4th Deven (who is 12 years old) spoke at ACRE of Pittsburg he talked about getting your children interested in real estate and teaching how they can start buying their own properties.  Bring your children for the book signing.

Thank you Rhea Perry for the time you gave me at the Teach Them Diligently event in May 2019.  Keep Educating For Success!

Thank you Jeffrey Taylor for promoting my book at your Mr. Landlord National Convention 2019!

Deven recorded a podcast with Larry Goins, February 6th 2019.  This was published in July 2019.  Episode #69 for Larry’s Brain Pick-A-Pro.   Thank you Larry for having me on your show.

How We Started

Here is a look at Eric’s beginnings.

Deven may be young, but he has purchased more units than most adults.

Have a look at his first rehab.


February 2020