If you are tired of working and just getting by or even if you just want more, lear how we are helping families to become financially free in just 5 years.  Read this list of 21 things you need to do to improve and have more control over your life: 21 Affirmations for 1,000 Financially Free Families in 5 years and then meet us at any of these meetings or contact us through social media @realpowerfamily.

If you are interested in joining our Financial Freedom Group, Click below to Sign-up and get our Free Weekly Newsletter.  We discuss how our family achieved Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Location Freedom.  You will learn about mindset & many investment strategies that our members are using. Other topics include Personal Freedom, Liberty and Homeschooling.  Everyone is welcome!If you want to have the ability and finances to go where you what, when you want, with who you want so you can do what you want Sign up for our Free Newsletter Letter, follow us on Social Media @realpowerfamily & come see us in person!  

Are you 8 to 24 years old? Join our FREE Young Entrepreneurs group Millionaires in Training “MiT”


See Weekly Meet-ups Below for more details.
May 16th Lila is testifying for the “Water Bill” in the Ohio House
May 17th Meet us at the Ohio State Capital w/Pete Fortunato No Dinner that night unless you come to Columbus
May 24, 31 & June 6th Winner’s Dinner at Jasmin at Belden.
June 9-10 Taking Authority in Chattanooga TN with James Dixon: Supermanis4real
June 13, 20 & 27th Winner’s Dinner at Jasmin at Belden.
July we are scheduling & plan on Wednesday Winner’s Dinner at Jasmin at Belden.

Podcasts & Radio Interviews:

Lila was on our 4th great interview with Matt’s Eternal Optimist
We have 3 intervies with Omu Obilor.  Watch Eric & Lila on NetworKingdom
Or See “The Child Prodigy of Real Estate” with Deven Wohlwend
Don’t forget Ethan Wohlwend as “The Child Prodigy of Real Estate”
Eric was on The High-Performance CEO Show with Sebastian Schieke
Eric was on the “On The Edge Podcast” with Scott Groves
Eric, Deven & Ethan were on Front Row Dads  : How 7yr Olds Buy Real Estate; The Story of the Wohlwend Family & The Family Success Triangle
Eric was on the KAJ Masterclass : Eric shares his Journey from a Mattress on a Warehouse Floor to a Successful Business Owner & Investor
Teenage Entrepreneurship: Uncovering the Business Secrets of a 15-year-old Entrepreneur with Deven Wohlwend The Eternal Optimist

Heroes Of Service: Lessons In Strength, Education & Family with Eric Wohlwend The Eternal Optimist
Deven & Ethan were on the
Real Estate Guys Radio Show.

Eric was interviewed by Austin Linney on the Construct Your Life Podcast. He is on Episode #466
Deven was interviewed by Austin Linney on the Construct Your Life Podcast. He is on Episode #465

Eric was interviewed by Jason and Scott Henderson on the Master Your Millions podcast
Deven was also interviewed by Jason and Scott Henderson on the Master Your Millions podcast

Deven was interviewed by Liz Brunner on the Live Your Best Life podcast

Deven was on Breakthrough Walls with Ken Walls.
Deven was on the Savvy Radio Show with Steven VanCauwenbergh. He is on Episode #697.

Real Life Real Estate with Vena Jones-Cox

Deven was interviewed by Larry Goins on his Podcast: Brain Pick a Pro; Larry Goins & Real Estate Investing Rock Stars in February 2019.  He is on Episode #069.

Eric was on the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show Episode #24.  Eric Wohlwend on Serving our Country and Building an Empire.

Upcoming Trainings & Events:

The power Family Speaks again!  The whole family teaches Creativity and Outside the Box Thinking so you can Buy More assets Faster in any market.

This year the whole family is speaking across the nation teaching how anyone can get started investing.  Eric & Lila talk about what they did as parents & their kids tell your kids Why they wanted to start investing.  Everyone asks How we did this.  A better question is Why.  You can’t “Make” your kids do anything other than simple tasks.  You definitely do not “Make” them write a book.  But you can show them the benefits of what you are doing.  You can teach them that there are benefits or consequences to each of their decisions.  If you are building an empire and your kids are not interested, we can show you ways to get them involved and interested.  We show you how we got our kids into real estate at a young age.  Bring your kids to any of our events.  Contact us, if you would like us to speak at your group.  See you soon!

See Lila, Deven & Ethan teach at the National Real Estate Summit (OREIA) at the great Wolf Lodge November 2023.  You will probably also run into Eric there.

How to Start & Grow your Real Estate Empire covers your baseline financial statements, goals, over 20 ways to buy real estate, about a dozen exit strategies, how to get private lenders and owner financing, and management.  These six 1.5-2.5 hr videos are available at Education For Success.  There is also a 15min “How to hire a manager” Bonus Video.  For a limited time, Anyone may get the videos for $1497 at EducatingForSuccess.net  If you have never purchased a property, this will teach you everything you need to know to start.  If you already own a dozen, but are having trouble with banks, this course will take you to the next level.  Some of our students have went from 0 to over 20 units in less than 2 years.  Others have purchased dozens of properties without ever getting a bank loan.

Private High Level Mentoring available after an intake interview.  Want to buy your 1st property, your next apartment complex, write a best-selling book or home school you kids?  We can help you get there!

Our Books:

Our most recent #1 Best-Selling book, Family Success Triangle was released on November 4th, 2022.

Learn how our family grew our business & our business helped to raise our family.
Family Success Triangle: Be Do Have – Learn how our family grew our business & our business helped to raise our family.

Family Success Triangle is Available on Amazon

This book teaches the lessons that we used to grow our business and raise our children. You will learn the secrets of our success. Get a copy on Amazon today!



“This book inspires the possibilities of teaching your children about business, investing, and how families can work together to build a better future.”

— Mark Victor Hansen

#1 NYT Chicken Soup for the Soul


“This book shares the RAW, REAL AND RELEVANT lessons of true life, family and business balance that so many people strive for but may not know how to achieve.”

—Robert Raymond Riopel,

International Best Seller Success Left A Clue


What a great family! I look forward to seeing them each year at the OREIA Convention. Devon, who holds the title for my youngest note investor, is now coming into his own. If only my parents had given me these opportunities when I was his age.  The sky is the limit for him and his brother!

–Donna Bauer

The Original Notebuyer


The definitive book on…creating more time freedom, social freedom, and financial freedom.

Mark Victor Hansen


Ethan’s 1st Book The Treehouse was released & hit #1 on Friday November 4th!

The Treehouse Covers
Follow Darius through his adventures in building a handy-kids business and their struggles with the building inspector.

The Treehouse is now Available on Amazon

This exciting book is about a group of kids that want their own space.  Using a pile of scrap wood they make that dream come true.  Along the way they make new friends, and learn about building…a treehouse and a business.  Then the building inspector steps in and tries to crush their dreams.  Will they make it through or will the treehouse have to be torn down?  To find out…Get a copy on Amazon tomorrow, November 4th!



“An exciting story about an ingenious boy who has a mission to make a difference in the world.”

— Mark Victor Hansen

#1 NYT Chicken Soup for the Soul


“Power to the kids and their willingness to learn new skills and make a difference in their community.  What a great story for the whole family.”

—Crystal Dwyer Hansen

International Speaker and Co-Author of Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny


What a great family! I look forward to seeing them each year at the OREIA Convention…  If only my parents had given me these opportunities when I was his age.  The sky is the limit for him and his brother!

–Donna Bauer

The Original Notebuyer



Ethan A. Wohlwend

@wohlwendethan on Instagram and @RealPowerFamily on Rumble & YouTube

Deven’s newest book, a #1 Bestseller, The Garage is about how Atlas Gold changes the lives of everyone in town.  He  inadvertently takes on the mayor and helps the teenagers of his town to start businesses out of his garage.  This is available on Amazon in both Kindle, Hardback & Paperback.


Available now on Amazon

Future Books:
Deven is currently writing a sequel to The Garage, The Fall & Rise of Atlas Gold, it will be available spring 2023.

The end of the ban on Evictions:
District court judge in Skyworks set aside the CDC’s rule
The supreme court upheld the 4th amendment!  It is unconstitutional for the CDC to impose an Eviction Moratorium.
In The Supreme Court of the United States EDWARD A. CANIGLIA, Petitioner, v. ROBERT F. STROM, et al., Respondents.

Landlords sue the CDC over Illegal Eviction Moratorium
Cleveland 19 on the Eviction Ban

Summary:  Another federal judge ruled this week that the CDC lacked the authority to issue a nationwide moratorium on rental evictions. U.S. District Judge J. Philip Calabrese wrote in a 31-page order that the agency went beyond what the federal Public Health Service Act allows it to do. The ruling was hailed as a victory for landlords who have suffered financially during the pandemic.

NCLA Points 11th Circuit to Recent District Court Ruling Setting Aside CDC’s Eviction Moratorium-Skyworks decision is already being used in the Appeals court.

Weekly Wednesday Meet-ups:

Wednesday Winner’s Dinners are open to EVERYONE! If you have extra time, use it to learn about investing & network with investors.  If you do not have extra time you should really be here.  If you have invested in the correct assets for the constantly changing world,  you should be in great shape now.  If you have always counted on someone else for a job this may be a difficult time.  Use it to take charge of your life.  At Clear Sky Training we are all here to help you learn & grow.  Break out of the BOX!  The education you get today, and the decisions you make, will determine the life you have in 5 and 10 years.  If you want to get a job & work 40 hours a week, for 50 weeks a year, for 40 years of your life so you can retire on half of you income this is not for you.  If you know there must be a better way join us!

Meet us at Jasmin at Belden Every Wednesday we are in town at 6:00pm , 4695 Dressler Rd NW, Canton, OH 44718 (Not the location on 30th st!) All are welcome.  Hope to see you there.  No reservations or fees.  Just come & meet other investors, contractors, managers & lenders…

Our main emphasis is Real Estate and Asset Allocation.  How to truly diversify.  While Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds may play a part in your investing strategy, there are many other ways to invest. Learn how to start & run a business.  Buy Real Estate with little or no money.  Become a private lender.   Invest in Precious Metals.  Speculate.  Get long term cash flow.  Retire early.  Learn about Crypto Currency…  Learn about Inflation.  How to pay less in taxes.  Anything investing related is discussed over dinner and drinks at our weekly meet-ups.  We hope to see you there!

Previous meetings were on Real Estate, Negotiation, Asset Protection, Cryptocurrency & the History of Money, Inflation, Hard assets, Early retirement & Great vacation spots.  We discuss how to invest in this rapidly changing world.  Other topics include Real Estate, Precious Metals and even the occasional stock.  Join us next week & ask any questions you want.  Everyone is welcome.  Our moderator & guests own hundreds of properties, are Private & Hard Money lenders, Stock brokers, Cryptocurrency traders, Gold bugs…  Some of them are also teachers, doctors & pipe fitters.  EVERYONE that is interested in investing is welcome!  This is the mastermind you have been looking for.

In addition some of us will be meeting with SCREIA at 8:30 on Wednesday mornings at Michael D’s 1411 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH 44708.  If you can’t find a deal or a contractor you need to meet people who can.  The more we work together the more we all grow!

For Young Investors ages 10-25:

You can join Deven’s Millionaires in Training (MiT). They have online weekly meetups on Monday, 4PM EST. Our main focus is to teach young people how to invest now, rather than waiting until they develop a limiting mindset. 

The group is through Discord and can be joined Here


The Power Family Bio’s:

The Power Family Speaks Again!

All of our events are taught by our family, our mentors and our advisors.  All are experienced, successful investors.  You can schedule any or all of us to teach at your investment meetings.  The whole family teaches Creativity and Outside the Box Thinking so you can buy more assets faster in any market.  All of are core trainers are certified Ohio Professional Housing Providers.  We teach a variety of investment classes.  We are all experienced investors with real life knowledge and experience across multiple asset classes.  (YES! Both children started buying real Estate when they were seven years old.)  They did not use any of their parents money or credit.  Deven published his 1st book when he was 11.  We are all currently buying more today.  We teach what we do.  If you have fears, if something is holding you back, ask yourself how can a 7 year old buy a rental house when I have not yet.  Then come and find out.  One of our students started at these meetings and bought 19 units in his first 18 months of investing.  You Can Too!

-We teach how to find & buy real estate for cash flow or growth.
-We teach about the true value to the blockchain (Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin…).  If you think it is just a fad wait for a couple years!
-We talk about the insurance value of Gold and Silver.
-We discuss paper assets like notes & mortgages on real estate and even a few stocks.  Mainly Cannabis and mining stocks, but that changes with the markets.  We like contrarian sectors.
-We teach how to start a business & run it more profitably.
-And once you make the money we can show you how to invest it in tax free account to grow your wealth and never have to pay taxes!

All of our speakers teach what they know.  They only know what they have actually done.  All 4 members of our family are OPHP certified, 3 are #1 Bestselling authors, and all 4 are international speakers.  Email us today if you would like to book a presentation on any of these investing topics.

Deven 2022

Deven bought his first property at age 7 without a bank.  He used only his knowledge, creativity & a little money he earned at his part-time job.  Deven focuses on using Creativity and Action to buy real estate even when you do not have money or credit.  He graduated with his Ohio Professional Housing Provider  certification at age 10.  When he was 11 he published his first book about his first few deals & how you can buy real estate using other people’s money & credit.  “If I Can Do It So Can You, How I Started Buying Real Estate at Age 7.”  At 12, he started at Kent State University and has spoken to multiple live audiences about investing & about his books in more than half a dozen states so far.  He published his 2nd book, The Garage, with the Mark Victor Hansen Library at 15.  He has been on multiple podcasts.  He is also investing in Cryptocurrency, Gold, Silver & notes.  He talks about these things & how to grow your IRA tax free with Real Estate.

Ethan 2022

Ethan partnered with his brother at a very early age to make his first small investment.  Within 4 years he Graduated with his Ohio Professional Housing Providers certification in November 2019 at just 9 years old!  This make him the youngest graduate ever.  His company owns close to 30 units at this time.  He also invests in multiple cryptocurrencies and precious metals.  He started buying real estate when he was 7 years old.  Yes a minor CAN own a company that owns real estate.  If you think you have trouble getting money or credit to buy real estate try being a minor!  He can answer your questions & tell you how he found private lenders to finance his real estate purchases.  He is currently writing his first book, “The Treehouse,” about kids that build a treehouse & then end up doing repairs all around town.  They can’t believe that they can have fun building & fixing things and people will pay them for it.

Delegation, Systems & Automation by Lila. If you want to grow, you have to have Systems!

Lila focuses on how to manage the Real Estate once you own it.  She teaches Delegation, Systematization & Automation and how to hire a good manager.  She also invests in notes, real estate, cryptocurrency…  It doesn’t matter what, or how much you buy, if you don’t manage it correctly it will take all your time and waste your money.  Learn better management systems to take your time back!  Too many people look forward to quitting their job and starting a business.  Then the end up buying another job in a company they own.  Separate yourself from the everyday business with Systems.

Buy More Faster!

Eric will teach you how to find the private lenders and owner financing you need to keep buying more Real Estate and other Hard Assets.  He loves IRA investing to pay less in taxes.  He also teaches about Investing in sustainable streams of passive income so you can retire early.  He talks about moving money  from one asset class to another and always having negatively correlated assets (when one goes down, the other goes up.)  He speculates in and teaches about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium…) and the insurance value of both Gold & Silver.  His motto is: #buymorefaster!

Other Training:

Videos of our weekly meet-ups will be coming soon.

Other speaking engagements and book signings are being scheduled at various REAI’s in Ohio & Tennessee for 2022 & 2023.  We are working on trainings in many other states.

If you are scheduling for a REIA or other investment group contact Lila at 330-455-4663 to find out when any or all of us are available to speak at your group.

Congratulations Deven for hitting #97 in your category on Amazon with you 1st Book! “If I Can Do It So Can You, How I Started Buying Real Estate at Age 7.”  and for recording you 1st podcast with Larry Goins in February 2019.


Past Events:

Nashville TN at Real Estate Investors of Nashville
Scottsdale Az, Limitless Financial Freedom Expo.  Deven on the “Single Family Investing Today” Panel.
The whole family spoke in Alabama at the Home Business Conference
Butler County REIA
Eric, Deven & Ethan presented at Educating for Success the  Home Business Conference
Lila is presented management & how to hire a manager at Akron / Canton REIA.
OREIA Weekly Market Update
ACRE of Pittsburg– Lila talked about Delegation, Systematization & Automation of Management after you buy.  Eric will also be speaking that night.

Wealth Building Workshop-Hosted By Equity Trust Company

Lake Erie Landlord Association-Deven spoke on getting started in Real Estate, Eric- buying without banks & Lila on Delegation, Systematization & Automation of management after you buy.

Akron Canton REIA
Mahoning Valley REIA.
Bartholomew County Landlord Association Indiana. Deven and Eric both spoke in the morning.

Deven (who was 12 years old) spoke at ACRE of Pittsburg he talked about getting your children interested in real estate and teaching how they can start buying their own properties.

Thank you Jeffrey Taylor for promoting my book at your Mr. Landlord National Convention 2019!

Deven recorded a podcast with Larry Goins, February 6th 2019.  This was published in July 2019.  Episode #69 for Larry’s Brain Pick-A-Pro.   Thank you Larry for having me on your show.

How We Started

Here is a look at Eric’s beginnings.

Deven may be young, but he has purchased more units than most adults.

Have a look at his first rehab.


May 2023