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Family Success Triangle: Wow! What an amazing book.  It offers an honest but hugely expansive opportunity to examine not only an incredibly positive way to parent and educate our children but shares the underpinning principles to living a truly happy, abundant and fulfilling life.  I recommend it wholeheartedly whether you have children or not. 

What a different and in my opinion better world it would be if everyone but particularly  parents, educators and those who make the decisions about the conventional school system read this and adopted the principles it shares!!

(I say this having previously been a Principal for over 20 years.  The school was identified as one of the top 100 schools in England twice during that time)  

I’m looking forward to reading “The Tree House” next.
Warmest wishes
Gina xx
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The Garage by Deven J Wohlwend is a real gem, the story is really engaging but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is a story of friendship, determination, resilience and a great approach to starting a business.  It demonstrates just how incredibly resourceful young people can be.  I thoroughly recommend it as a great read not only for young people but also for their parents and educators.

Never underestimate the potential of young people – given the space to grow and the support they need – the sky is the limit!!!

with love
Gina xx
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Embrace your GENUINE POWER
Have the courage to be authentically you, the power to live your true purpose and the joy and love to embrace it!
The Treehouse by Ethan Wohlwend: What a great story! It shares the fundamental principles of becoming a successful business owner in a highly entertaining and informative way that engages the reader.  Whilst it is designed to introduce young people to the world of business, I recommend it to all parents and any adult who is considering starting up their own business as they would gain much from reading it too.  Congratulations Ethan!!
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Embrace your GENUINE POWER
Have the courage to be authentically you, the power to live your true purpose and the joy and love to embrace it!
Family Success Triangle: Out of the box thinking. Love the lessons and creativity. Financial education and business acumen in not taught in our schools so teaching it at home must. This is a book every parent should read. -Jacquie
Family Success Triangle:The Wohlwends share their story on raising two remarkable young men into their family life and family business. What a delightful change from the modern helicopter trend of telling boys all the things they cannot do, and then reacting in surprise when they disengaged and lose themselves in video games – or worse. Even the best schools cannot do this for your family. It is not an easy solution to modern woes, but it is a simple and effective one for families that are willing to make the effort. -Joseph Schaefer
The Garage:I bought this book at a real estate investment conference where I heard Deven speak! He’s 15! I just finished the book and I loved it! Great pace, dialogue, plot, and the best part was the underlying messages throughout the story. Through the eyes of Atlas Gold, Deven teaches readers to make the world a better place, hold yourself accountable, speak up when something isn’t right, set your goals high, do the things that you love, and work through problems as they come up. What a great book! What great messages for children to learn and adults to remember! -Loup Gajigianis Author of Magiks and the Crown of Guilledon
The Treehouse: A wonderful, sweet, and inspiring book. So much positive encouragement. I love the crossovers between this book and The Garage! By the time I finished reading, I felt like I could build my own treehouse. And now, my home won’t be complete without one. In the back, the author challenges you to plant fruit trees and make the world a more beautiful place. Challenge excepted. – Loup
The Treehouse:The book is a delight! Children acting like children and helping each other and their neighbors! Plus an added bonus was the carpentry tips. -Kathy
The Garage: The Garage was such an enjoyable read! It has a captivating story, and it’s a real page-turner! Each chapter left me hooked and wanting to read more! Really good book, has a great message about motivation and determination in the face of adversity, and I would recommend it to everyone! -Amazon Customer


Dear Clear Sky Training.,

After I sent all of my agents and leasing representatives through Eric Wohlwend’s 3-hour sales course, they increased their closure rate by 500%.  they have maintained the same closure rate at the higher level for years now.  Now every person that works or contracts our company, wether they have contact with clients or not, goes through this course.
thank You!

Of course I understand that you will crunch numbers on me and on the properties, but what is easy to miss in such an exercise is Eric’s superb ability to purchase and operate rentals in a manner that is both efficient in the short term and wise for the long term.  People ask me all the time why I invest in real estate on the other side of the country.  The answer is because an excellent operator is a rare and precious gem.  We hope to keep Canary growing steadily with your help.

Thanks and good luck.
Joseph Schaefer


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for a few things.

First, when Lindsay and I took your CCW class, you made the statement (almost in passing) to never trust the safety on your gun and that the only true safety is leaving your finger off of the trigger. There have been MANY times that I disarmed and found my safety off. Whether it is just weak or hit a doorway, it was off. Your statement has rung in my ears many times. I never touch the trigger when I handle my gun, and I have you to thank for it. If I had not developed that habit, I easily could have shot myself, my family, or my dogs.

Secondly, you showed me that anything is possible. There is no obstacle that is too great to be overcome. Whether it is in real estate, business, or my personal life, I have applied this principle with amazing results.

Lastly, things that you said over and over… If someone is successful and you’re not, they just know something you don’t, How you do anything is how you do everything, and Nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it. These phrases have enabled me to take control of my life and direct it instead of being shoved around by life.

We had good times and bad together. I am thankful for everything that I learned under your leadership, and I am sincerely grateful for your being willing to teach what you knew to anyone genuinely willing to learn.  I have learned that it is one thing to be grateful and an entirely different thing to express that gratitude.

Thank you again.

Thank You!
Tim Hart,
Dynamic Point Properties, LLC
Author:Breaking Free: Life Without Limits

Thank you for all you have done for us so far. Your guidance and advice, your patience and communication. We are thankful for your family and are blessed to know you.
Michael B.


“In this book, Deven gives you the good, the bad and the ugly. Deven shares his personal experience as well as wisdom he has gathered from others. It is inspiring, it is informative and it is real world education that you can use right away to start your own investing career regardless of your age, just like Deven did.”
–Larry Goins, Best Selling Author

“Deven is an amazing young man. He has done what he says in the book. He shows us how to do it.  If you follow his lead, you can get there too.”
–Scott Krusemark, Investor, Author, Creator of Rehab Estimator Pro

The local REIA President & his wife give Deven’s book a Thumbs up!


May 2023