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The Ultimate Evaluator Packet

This is the Evaluator you have been looking for.  Use our formulas to determine how to get higher returns on your real estate investments.  Essential definitions for all new investors.

What you'll get:

  • The Ultimate Evaluator Packet includes comprehensive evaluation forms and spreadsheets for both multi-family residential and single family homes.
  • Use these to calculate purchase price, NOI, DCR, Cap Rates and more
  • Make sure you don't miss a major system repair in your rehab costs with the SFH Inspection Sheet
  • Use our Financial statement for Training to help write your own fFinancial Statement
  • Use the Profit & Loss for Training to more accurately understand seller financial statements, owner statements & Seller tax returns.
  • Finally, we have included a list of most of the common words, jargon, abbreviations and formulas used in Real Estate and Investing.

[This is for training and educational purposes only. It is not legal, accounting or investment advice. ]