Millionaires in Training (MiT)

A Young Entrepreneur Community for 8-24 year olds

WHY did we start this group? Because we are part of the first generation in the history of the United States who do not believe that their lives will be better than their parents. Before, everyone believed that their house would always go up in value. In 2007-2010 (around when many of us were born) they found out otherwise. Now inflation is as high as it has been since before our parents were born. (Our savings are becoming worth less.) Wages are not increasing nearly as fast. (We do not make as much as our parents did, no matter how hard we work.) College costs many times as much as it did for our parents and grandparents. (And degrees definitely do not guarantee us good jobs.) All this and we are STILL taught to Get good grades. Go to college. Get a job. Work hard. Save money (actually currency.) Invest in a 401K (even if stocks are crashing.) And our parents and the traditional school system wonder why we can’t get ahead.

Our parents taught us (Deven & Ethan) that education is very important. And it frequently does not come from school. You must work hard, but only working hard while you are working smart will get you ahead. They thought that working for 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year for 40 years of your life to retire on half as much as you made when you were working was insanity. That is why we learned to start investing at a very early age (5 years old.) My brother and I both started our 1st business when we were seven. Now we own millions of dollars of real estate, gold, silver, cryptocurrency and oil wells. We have done this without any money from our parents.


We want to give you the knowledge that they gave us to start this journey. If you are interested and ready to meet many other people your age who also want to start and grow a business this group is for you! We have members from across the US and a total of 9 countries right now. You could be the next to join.

Millionaires in Training (or MiT for short) is a community for 8-24 year olds that want to get started in business or investing. We have weekly meetings, places to chat, a forum, and even a Minecraft server if you want to learn while playing.

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Online meetings are at 4PM EST every Monday.

There is NO CHARGE for this group. All it costs is a little time each week and you being willing to share your questions, thoughts and experiences with other people who want to learn from you. We all have something that we have already done that others can learn from. What is your superpower?


Our Leaders:

Deven J. Wohlwend, OPHP

16 Year Old
45+ rental units
Bestselling author of The Garage
Intercontinental podcast guest
National Speaker
COO of Clear Sky Realty
President of MiT


Ethan A. Wohlwend, OPHP

13 Years Old
Owns 35+ units
Bestselling author of The Treehouse
Intercontinental podcast guest
National Speaker
Vice-President of MiT


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