One on One mentoring available. This will be by all 4 of us. Whoever is the expert in our family on that subject will be there for you.

What you can expect:

You can always talk to Eric or Lila but sometimes we recommend Deven or Ethan for certain answers. We never hire $15/hr people to read a script for us. We teach you from our experiences. We do not teach about things that we have only read about or heard about. We teach what we do. Our mentors are ACTIVELY working in multiple real estate, investing and businesses. We teach from our experience!

We can help you set the goals that will really make your life better.

We will teach you how to Evaluate deals so you can buy more properties that get you closer to your goals.

We will help you Make a plan to achieve your goals.

With this knowledge you can Make more offers.

Use Private Lenders rather than Banks
You will learn about Using owner financing & private lenders rather than banks.
If you have ever had a bank tell you to:
“Pay off more debt.”
“You already have 4 loans.”
“Your Debt-to-Income Ratio is to high.”
“Don’t take all of those write-offs.”
“You need more Taxable Income.”
Or any other thing that means pay more taxes and buy less property we will teach you a different way!

We will teach you how to cultivate PRIVATE lenders so you always have money for deals.
These are not 15% Hard money loans. They are 5%-10% in most cases.
These can be as long as 30 year loans without any balloons. (Although we recommend never borrowing for longer than 20 years. )

Our Results:
-We have done this for over 19 years. We have had (and currently have) many private lenders, More than 100 private & seller financed loans for a total of millions of dollars.
-There is nothing special about us. Both of our kids have purchased more than 30 units each.  Neither have ever gotten a bank loan in their name or ours.  (If you know them this is obvious because they are 12 & 15 years old. We still cannot find a bank that will loan to a 7 year old, although we have tried.)  We have never funded any of our kids deals.  They have used a series of private lenders, seller financed deals & subject-to (the existing financing) Deals.  We can teach you to do this also.

Once you have the property what will you do? Talk to Tenants, Pick up Trash & Fix Toilets? Not us. If you want to do that, Lila can help teach you to set up systems and boundaries. You can live a better life, manage your properties & still make money. If you are like me (Eric), I hire a manager. Then I Manage my Manager. Lila’s specialty is management & she can teach you how to decrease expenses, Increase Income & work less hours. She can also teach you how to screen a manager for your properties.

We have repositioned over 1000 units in the past 15 years. We have done this with single-family homes, 100+ unit apartment complexes & mobile home parks. We currently control hundreds of units, take vacations, home school our children & never take phone calls at night or fix toilets.

Our Goal
If your goal is to get rich quick you should buy a course off of late night TV. If you want to have a better life, have more time to spend with your family (or fishing, golfing, skydiving…) and make A Lot more money in 5 or 10 years we can help you get there IF you are willing to learn & take action. We only take SERIOUS investors. Your initial appointment is always free. That is when you decide if we are right for you & we decide if you have the right mindset to learn and take action.

Initial consultation: Free
Hourly: $400/hr
Monthly: $1500/mo unlimited
Special discount if you pay a year in advance: $15,000
If you are a veteran or a student (College or High School) ask about a discount.


May 2023