Clear Sky Training, Ltd.

Class List

  1. Intro to Investing (For HS Students)
  2. Beginners in Real Estate 1HR
  3. Home Ownership (For Realtors & Home Owners)
  4. Bus Trip- A Must for evaluation 1 to 3 family homes. 4HR
    1. Visit Multiple Houses & Evaluate Repairs
  5. Commercial Evaluation 3HR
    1. Learn the Numbers and Jargon that Professionals use
  6. Financial Statements 4HR
    1. P&L, Balance Sheet, State of CF, Depreciation, Taxes…
  7. Private Lending 4HR
    1. For both Lenders & borrowers.
    2. How to increase your investment returns AND your Security!
  8. Ethics 1HR
  9. Increase you Real Estate Holdings (1HR)
    1. The Basics of Buying
  • Exit Strategies 1HR
    1. How to get out with a Profit
  • Management 1HR
  • Kids in Real Estate 1HR & 4 HR
    1. Getting your kids interested in Real Estate
    2. Teaching your kids to buy Real Estate starting at age 7
    3. Helping your family for generations to come
  • Never Pay Retail 12HRS
    1. Many ways to get better deals
    2. Deal Structure
  • Mastering Management 2 LONG Days
    1. Maximizing Cash Flow from your investments
    2. Learn to be a professional investor. Not the guy that deals with Tenants, Trash & Toilets at Midnight.


Eric M. Wohlwend is a best-selling author and international speaker.  He has been on stages from New York to LA and from Calgary to Florida.  He has taught thousands of students about every aspect of Investing from basic numbers to monetary history and market cycles. A knowledgeable investor can make money in any phase of the market cycle. Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Land, Crypto Currencies, Gold, Silver, Businesses & Paper Assets are just a few of the things you can learn to invest in.  You only need 3 things to invest.  Of these 3 things, Knowledge is paid far more than money or credit.  If you want to increase your investment returns, increase your knowledge.  Listen to Podcasts.  Read Books. Go to Seminars. And get a Mentor.  The only difference between you now and you 10 years ago is the people you spend time with & the books you read.  If you want different results do different things. Now Think Big & Take Action.


September 2020